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Expert in water spot removal and preventative maintenance


Auto Detailing

Auto Detail

At Ake Ake, our love of automobiles shows in our attention to detail and customer service. There is nothing hurried about the work we do and it shows in the finished product. Our growth has been slow and deliberate, cutting no corners when it comes to you the customer.

Our specialty areas are hard water spot removal, sealants on glass and paint (black and dark colors), and overall preventative maintenance. Green products available upon request

Additional Auto Services:

  • Water spot removal on paint or windows – quoted per vehicle, marine or air craft (up charge for dark colors or black)
  • Scratches and swirl marks - quoted per vehicle, marine or air craft (up charge for dark colors or black)
  • Acid bath - quoted per vehicle
  • Clay – cleans contaminants from your paint before wax or sealing. Paint over spray – starting at $25
  • Engine cleaning –  starting @ $35
  • Enzyme treatment for odors – starting at $50

Specialty Services:

Ceramic Coatings:  The latest in nano technology – added protection for up to two years – the leading edge in preventative maintenance.  Starting @ 450

Paint Sealant:  Suggested as preventative maintenance for your new car – can also restore luster to old paint and eliminate small scratches and oxidation using nano technology.  This brings 6 months of added protection to your vehicle! - starting @ $125

Ozone Treatment:  neutralizes odors and fight mold and mildew. An ozone shock treatment can increase value to your car, boat or aircraft.  It can dissolve cigarette odor, eliminate pungent pet smell, and make vomit odor vanish - starting @ $50 p/hour