Ake Ake Professional Detailing

Expert in water spot removal and preventative maintenance



Remove hard water spots in your home.

Hard water spots are not only on your automobile and marine craft, but can also be found in your home environment.  Our treatment works on shower glass, glass blocks, glass partitions, glass walls, glass tile, window glass, glass sinks, and mirrors.

Our Lifetime Warranty Glass Sealant – this window sealant protects not only your auto or boat, but can carry into your home as well. Glass partitions, shower doors, glass brick, etc…

Lifetime Warranty  Glass Sealant: This is an advanced covalent bond nanotechnology that creates a barrier between the elements and your glass. This creates a hydrophobic surface that is easily cleaned.

Save futile hours of scrubbing and squeegeeing – the hydrophobic surface creates a barrier between elements and the glass creating a clearer, harder surface.