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Expert in water spot removal and preventative maintenance


Specialty Services

These specialty services are estimated per car:

Water Spot Treatment

We use several different methods to remove water spotting.  We start with the treatment with the least impact on your vehicle.  Many competitors use acids.  We customize every vehicle, doing test spots on each area, whether it be glass or paint.  If we can take a little more time to get the job done without using acid baths, this would be our first option to preserve the integrity of your clear coat.  However, with severe spotting, chemical baths are necessary in order to cut the layers of sulfides and spotting.  Our professionals will start with polishing and organic gel acids before moving into heavier removal.  Every automobile gets a customized assessment for optimal result.

Starting @ $50 a panel.  Different treatments vary in cost and time.  Options discussed upon inspection of vehicle.

Ozone Treatment

Neutralizes odors and fight mold and mildew. An ozone shock treatment can increase value to your car, boat, or aircraft. It can dissolve cigarette odor, eliminate pungent pet smell, and make vomit odor vanish. Effective range 1000 square feet for mold up to 6000 square feet for odors. Output 4000 mgph.

Starting @ $50 p/hr (2 hrs). Severe starting @ $100 + (2+ hrs)

Preventative Maintenance

Paint Sealant: This one step sealant removes ultra fine scratches, light oxidation and fine swirl marks. It leaves added protection for up to 6 months (excellent for black or dark colors) your auto, boat, or aircraft will enjoy intense depth, clarity and long term protection from the harsh elements of the big island.

Starting @ $125

Lifetime Warranty  Glass Sealant: This is an advanced covalent bond nanotechnology that creates a barrier between the elements and your glass. This creates a hydrophobic surface that is easily cleaned. Lifetime warranty for the life of your vehicle.  Rejuvenation for free every six months.

Starting @ $6 a square foot for new glass

Starting @ $8 a square foot for glass needing water spot removal before sealing

We can treat any glass for water spots without sealing it!  This is priced per square foot and severity of spots – if the glass is too damaged to restore, we won’t waste your time or money. We simply point you in the right direction of the right professionals to replace the glass.