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Wave by Shoko St. Louis

by Shoko St. Louis

WOW! I just wanted to thank you for the awesome job!! My truck had the worst hard water spots on the windows, making it hard to see. After your detailing, the windows look brand new! You would never be able to tell the hard water spots existed. Oh yeah, the wash and wax looks great as well. Thanks again! I’ll be sending people your way.

Dr. Broderson
Malama Chiropractic

Ake Ake Professional Detailing has been handling all the detailing of our fleet of helicopters and small aircraft. The attention to detail, understanding of the machinery, and genuine respect for the aircraft is
outstanding! Our aircraft have never been so well taken care of. They even are willing to work around our hectic flight schedule, regularly working on the weekends or evenings. Mahalo Ake Ake!!!

Cara Hollenbeck
General Manager
Mauna Loa Helicopters

My boat windows had water and hard mineral deposits that formed over 7 years. Windex and elbow grease barely made a dent. Kelly at Ake Ake told me she had the training, technique and product that would work. She and her crew came to the boat, (no towing or power source required) and were able to remove the hard water spots, clean the glass without scratching or dulling, and apply a protective coating. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the glass is so clear it’s like it’s not there! Now when it gets wet, the water beads up so you can still see through. After two weeks no new spotting is happening. I didn’t realize how often I used to look around the window when I needed to see a whale or swimmer clearly. Now I look throughout the glass like it’s not even there. I’m only sorry they didn’t do it sooner. Oh, and they buffed and waxed the hull so beautifully I could see my own reflection. This too was done with their own mobile power source, so I didn’t have to move the boat. Very happy customer!

C Baker
Blue Connection, LLC